About Aggregates International


We produce, trade and refine a wide variety of aggregates which are mined all over the world. We focus on specialised aggregates and specialise in the bulk logistics of standard products. Innovation is important to us: we continuously renew and refine our product range, without losing sight of the all-time favorites.


Aggregates is all about logistics. Our aim is to be the logistics centre for Mediterranean and other products in Northern Europe. We believe that in aggregates, logistics is the key factor and transport volume is more important than production. This mindset allows us to gain a competitive advantage and to consistently raise quality standards.


Aggregates Kaart Aggregates International is based in the Netherlands, where we can receive vessels without any dimensional limitations. After refining, sieving, packing and otherwise processing raw materials, we can send out the finished products bagged in 20 or 25kg bags, in bigbags, in truckloads, or in vessels or barges. From Rotterdam we are able to ship containers at the most competitive rates to destinations all over the world. Also in Almería (Spain) and Haldensleben (Germany) we've got stocks where you can collect our products for the best prices. A list of our stocks:

  • the Netherlands:      Dordrecht, Giessen, Stein
  • Germany:                Haldensleben
  • Spain:                     Garrucha, Almería
  • United Kingdom:    New Holland


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