Easygravel® stabilization system

Easygravel® gravel stabilization is an innovative panel system to stabilise gravel constructions like driveways, walking paths and car parks. It makes any gravel pavement rut-free, stable and comfortable to walk on. The individual panels can be easily connected together by a clever connecting system. Also suitable for heavy loads such as cars and even trucks.


  • • Size of the panels is 65 by 91.2cm. Height is 3.4cm (1.79 panels per m2)
  • • Available in black, white and green. Other colors available on request, for bigger quantities.
  • • Handling: ± 100m2 per hour
  • • Fully recycable
  • • Gravel sizes up to 32mm, chippings up to 25mm. Because of the relatively large honeycombs (the hexagonal boxes) a larger gravel or split type can be applied than any other model!
  • • Fitting markers available in different colors to mark car parks etc.
  • • Contact us for tecnical information and installation instructions (in different languages).


The Easygravel® stabilization panels are available in black, white and green. The colour green is perfect for use on grass surfaces, like parking areas with grass. Filling the panels with a mix of grass seed, soil and some sand (to keep the structure light) is all you need to do, besides watering the surface well of course.The result is a very long-lasting and low maintanance surface, suitable for heavy use with cars and trucks! For marking parking lots, simply apply the fitting markers.