EuroGravel® PLUS stabilization system

Completely new in our range: the EuroGravel PLUS stabilization grids. EuroGravel PLUS brings an end to the raking of ruts and tracks in your gravel surface or chippings. The EuroGravel PLUS is a good quality and strong stabilisation grid for a competitive price. The strong and flexible honeycomb profile is resistant to car steering and braking movements. With the right surface, it therefore forms an ideal base for car parks or driveway. The EuroGravel stabilisation grid known to you is now called the EuroGravel PRO. 

Advantages of the EuroGravel PLUS:

  • • Weed-resistant

The high-quality weed control membrane (80 g/m2) protects against weed growth from the underside

  • • Large surface area

With a surface area of 1.15 m2, the gravel grids are currently the largest single-piece gravel grids available on the market!

  • • Quick to install

Simple to cut to size and easy to lay out

  • • Water permeable

The gravel grids and the weed control membrane have excellent water permeability properties

  • • Larger gravel grids

The large diameter of the cells makes the gravel grid suitable for larger gravel and chipping sizes too

      • • Easy to recycle

The weed control membrane and the gravel grid are made of polypropylene plastic, making the gravel grid easy to recycle


  • • Panel dimensions: 120 x 100 x 3 cm
  • • Cell diameter: 49mm
  • • Cell wall thickness: below: 2mm above: 1,2mm
  • • Panels per m2: 0,87
  • • M2 per panel: 1.15 m2
  • • Weight per panel: 2380 grams
  • • Gravel/chippings consumption: approx. 75kg per m2
  • • Available colours: black and white
  • • Gravel size: Min. 5mm, max. 25mm
  • • Chipping size: Min. 5mm, max. 20mm
  • • Weight of weed control membrane: 80 g/m2
  • • Water permeability of weed control membrane: 120 l/m2.s (conform EN-ISO-11058)
  • • Tensile strength of weed control membrane (CMD/MD): 6 kN/m (conform EN-ISO-10319)
  • • Produced in the EU