EuroGravel® PRO stabilization system


The EuroGravel® PRO gravel stabilization system is the most innovative and practical stabilization system available on the market. Every panel is provided with a high quality, permeable anti-root cover. A good cover of 5-6cm gravel is necessary for properly covered and invisible panels. The EuroGravel® system is an all-in-one solution with 6 cornerstones:

  • • Strength

Very high compression resistance. Suitable for any driveway, car park or camp site.

  • • Weed resistancy

The high quality anti-root cover protects any drive way or path from weed growth. When placing the panels the weed-control membranes will overlay each other. The 2 advantages are that it's fast and easy to install and has double protection against weeds.

  • • High water permeability

The anti-root cover is highly permeable, to facilitate a good drainage

  • • Very fast installation

The panels have a practical, handleable size and can be installed within seconds: installation speed up to 100m2 per hour. 

  • • Easy connection

No complex connection system - no clicking or locking required. 

  • • Recyclability 100%

The cover is made of the same material (polypropylene) as the panel. Furthermore, the anti-root cover is attached to the panel by an intelligent and unique procedure, allowing the panel to be recycled completely in one part! No need for separated recycling or needless piles of waste after removal.

  • • Many applications possible

For a track-free and stable driveway or parking lot the EuroGravel® stabilization panels are the perfect solution. Also to place ladders, chairs or other furniture the panels are very suitable. You will easily create a low-maintenance surface!


  • • Panel dimensions: 119 x 78.6 x 3 cm
  • • Cell diameter: 51mm
  • • Wall thickness: below: 4mm above: 3mm
  • • Panels per m2: 1,12 panels
  • • M2 per panel: 0,93 m2
  • • Weight per panel: 3050 Grams
  • • Gravel/chippings consumption: ± 75kg per m2
  • • Available colours: Black and white
  • • Gravel size: Min. 5mm, max. 25mm
  • • Chipping size: Min. 5mm, max. 20 mm
  • • Weight weed control membrane: 910 g/dm3
  • • Water permeability: 110 l/m2.s (conform EN-ISO-11058)
  • • Produced in Europe


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