Limestone (CaCo3)

Limestone is one of the most commonly used crushed natural stone types in the world. Besides being used as an aggregate and sub-base in the construction industry, it is also micronized in a high purity form for industrial purposes. It is used in a range of applications including plastics, adhesives, paper, paint, asphalt, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and concrete. Furhtermore, in most European countries, it is one of the most common used decorative chipping / aggregate, thanks to its hardness and decorative character. Limestone is the generic term for a stone that consists mainly of Calcium Carbonate, with the chemical formula CaCo3.


  • • Colour: Available in different colours: From a 99% white to grey and yellow. Please contact us with your specific needs!

Availabe size range

  • • Powder / Filler
  • • Chippings
  • • Rockery / Boulders
  • • Armour stone