Volcanic rock

Because of its low specific weight, Volcanic rock is often used as a lightweight sub-base material. In addition, its porosity allows for easy drainage, making it a particularly popular sub-base material for tennis courts and (artificial turf) grass courts and fields.

Furthermore, it is the perfect material for (natural) pond filtration. As an aggregate it is widely used in the ceramics industry, in mixes for rooftop gardens and also as a decorative aggregate in gardens!


  • • Colour: brown - dark brown
  • • Specific density/gravity: Varies per quarry 
  • • Bulk density: 1000kg (16/32mm)

Available size range of volcanic (lava) rock

  • • Fine sand 
  • • Chippings (various sizes between ± 4 - 40mm)
  • • Rockery / Boulders (various sizes between ± 40 - 600mm)