Granite (Gneiss)

Granite is a very hard granular igneous stone. Granite comes in many different guises, from a very fine and dense grain to a coarse grain. It can also contain layers of quartz (known as gneiss). Depending on its chemical composition, granite has specific geological petrographic names, which are all grouped under the generic heading of "granite". Thanks to the beautiful grains in the stone, granite is widely used as an decorative chipping in gardens etc. Furthermore, cubes and wall stones are often found in private gardens and public spaces like city centres.


  • • Colour: Available in different colours: Grey and white / Black and white (mixed), Yellow, Orange, Pink and grey

Availabe size range

  • • Chippings
  • • Rockery / Boulders
  • • Armour stone
  • • Cubes for paving
  • • Wall stones for walling