Beach Pebbles black

Meet our Beach Pebbles black! These very round pebbles have a beautiful anthracite color with beige accents. The amazing round and lightly flat shape of the pebbles make it pleasant to walk on and create a luxury and stylish effect in the garden. Best quality guaranteed!

You can purchase Beach Pebbles black in different kind of bags, for projects of all sizes. Give your customer the choice of 50 pound bags, designed for easy handling, or Bigbags or loose bulk loads for the larger projects.

Use Beach Pebbles black on decorative paths, on the driveway, in fountains, in planters, around ponds or interior and exterior landscape design. The smaller sizes Beach Pebbles black, also known as Castle black pebbles, can be used as a gravel floor also indoors as outdoors. The pebbles are conglomerated with epoxy resin formed into a beautiful carpet for your house or porch.

Advantages of the Beach Pebbles black:

  • • Unique combination of dark grey black colors
  • • Suitable for the driveway because of the high hardness
  • • Very stylish and luxury


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