Dolomite is a mineral with the chemical formula CaMg(CO3)2.. Unlike CaCOit reacts less vigorously with acids. It is mined in various locations around the world and is particularly sought after for its purity. Colours vary from ultra-white Thassos Marble to grey and yellow / ocre. 

Dolomite is used as a standard building aggregate and decorative aggregate. In its white form it is used as a filler similar to CaCO3,  except for its acid resistance. It is widely used as a raw material in cement manufacturing. In powder form it is used in agricultural applications thanks to its Mg contents and PH neutralisation effect.


  • • Colour: Varying. Aggregates International supplies Dolomite in white (>95% calcium carbonate), grey and ocre.
  • • Specific density/gravity: 2.7 to 3.0 

Availabe size range

  • • Micronized 
  • • Filler / Powder
  • • Sand
  • • Chippings
  • • Rockery