Multi-Edge ADVANCE lawn edging

Multi-Edge ADVANCE is a high-quality edging system for lawns, borders and gravel areas, for example. The unique smart interconnecting system uses connector strips to connect the profiles and are secured by means of fixing stakes, creating a harmonious and smooth transition between profiles. Multi-Edge ADVANCE segments are 1 mm thick and have a 3 mm fold at the top and bottom, giving the system an attractive and solid feel and ensuring that the profiles are still easy to install if they have been bent to form a curved shape. Multi-Edge ADVANCE is available in galvanised and Corten Steel.

The folded top and bottom edges of the profile give the edging a stable and solid feel. The unique feature of Multi-Edge ADVANCE is that the connector strips and fixing stake are not seen on the visible side of the edging. The smart interconnecting system ensures that the ends of the profiles fit together perfectly. The profiles are easy to bend. An extra neat 90° angle can be created using special corner pieces.

Unique Advantages:

• Stable and lightweight

• Interconnecting system invisible after installation

• Invisible transition between the profiles

• Recyclable


• The Multi-Edge ADVANCE border has a length of 2 metres per piece.

• The height of the Multi-Edge ADVANCE is 20 cm.

• Available in galvanised and Corten steel

• 90° corner pieces are available separately


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